Images freeze motion of time. A fleeting moment teaches us more about because it is always in the past.[Lyrics Here] Dr. Niazi is an avid observer of his surroundings and he creates photographic images that offer an opportunity to study the interaction between man and his Universe. Niazi classifies his experience into four categories, each with an independent perspective, yet each flowing into another swiftly.

Faces of humanity express stories, beliefs, character and history. Nothing stimulates mind more than humans. Freezing faces in time brings a pause to time-space.

From a shack to a high-rise, from a palace to a pond, places tell history, human ingenuity and passion of mankind.

Mind is readily thrown int confusion when it sees a non-conforming images--something that should not be there. It only strengthens our belief in impossible.

Two things, situations presented simultaneously create curiosity, a sense of irony and a sense of amusement of the statistical odds.


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